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4th Feb 2017

In case you missed it, our host let me down once again. This time we had scheduled a reload of the OS to finally get on a full version of windows. Unfortunately after taking the server down for a couple of hours they never even showed up to do the work. So I started getting set up with a new host, and if all goes well we'll be moving sometime next week. I'll of course announce when that will happen, along with the new IP address here and in Discord. For now, here are my updates for this week:

  • Adjusted the healing timer for faster heals with bandages. (Note: I did not intend to include vet in this, so that will be returning to normal in the morning.)
  • Increased the amount of damage for all magic and crafted weapons
  • Decreased the frequency at which magic weapons will drop. The hope here is to make higher end weapons more rare and thus more valuable.
  • Created the revert/wipe gifts and will be distributing them as scheduled. Hopefully these will help everyone get back on their feet and make up for my part in the matter.
  • Disabled one entrance to Khaldun because it would cause players to get stuck.
  • Added powerscroll and monster contract books to the gold vendor.
  • Pre-marked more than 20 locations for spawning new server birth rares. These will be available on 2/6, just letting everyone know in advance. Good hunting
  • Put out an ad for more wandering healers.
  • Added 24 more titles to the global loot.
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4th Feb 2017

 no crash? Just new location in the digital universe? We change the IP address on Razor and nothing to it? 
Remember ,,, your talking to a guy that considers a swordsman a complicated template.

If the people around you do not understand you....
Then you may be around the wrong people.

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4th Feb 2017

yea it'll be just that simple. I'll give you a new IP when the time comes and you just swap it out.
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