Update to tamables 2/8/17
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8th Feb 2017

I've decided to do a couple of small tweaks to a few tamables to try and bring a bit more balance and thus more options to your game play. First you need to understand my intentions. I want pets to be like tools in a tool box. You don't use every tool every day, nor do you use one tool for every job. Each pet will serve a purpose, or have an advantage/disadvantage under certain circumstances. Bear in mind that we're still a very new server, so there's lots of opportunity down the road for me to introduce content that may make you rethink your bloodsteed/wyrm combination. For now, here's what I'm doing:


Str: 496 - 525
Dex: 86 - 105
Int: 155 - 255

Hits 298 - 355

Although the nightmare has up to 100 pts les str than the bloodmare, it now has a significantly increased mana pool. This makes it a different kind of offensive weapon.

Tamable Hydra:

Added lethal poison to the tamable hydra so that it now has both fire breath and poisoning. So while it has roughly half the health of a poisonous dragon, it also has slightly higher damage plus the two offensive weapons. This is meant to be more of a support pet where the tanking is being covered in some other way. 

Fire Steed:

Brought the minimum taming skill for these down to 93.0 to make it more of a mid-level ridable. It's weaker than a bloodmare or nightmare, but it does have pack instinct and a significantly higher top end hit (11-30). 


Brought the minimum skill for these up to 95.1 to be in line with the nightmare. This was asked for by a few folks and quite frankly warranted imo. Considering the easy skill gain it's not a big change really.
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8th Feb 2017

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