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This week's updates are small once again, but this is because I have a number of big projects underway which just aren't ready yet. Also it should be known that Ravenwolfe will be traveling yet again for work, so overall development will slow down over the next few weeks. However rest assured there is much planned on the near horizon, some of which I spoke about in our first ever dev chat. Thanks for all who attended (Hibbi and Brad). 

  • Rebalancing adjustment to Forensics investigations - increased the requisite skill on all murder victim corpses and revamped a few of the upper level items to be more in keeping with current and planned content. I checked and none of these items had yet been obtained so there is no impact to any players.
  • The evo crafting menu cancel button should now function properly and cancel the attempt rather than proceed with it.
  • Archery now has a chance to proc aoe poison (poisoning skill req) or aoe explosion (arms lore req).
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cant log in.......
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