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4th Jun 2017

Lots accomplished this week, much of which was a direct result of the conversations and suggestions coming from the community, so as always I appreciate that. 

  • Updated vendors to restock every 30 minutes, rather than 15 minutes
  • Small increase in skill gain difficulty. I'll be ratcheting this up a little at a time and getting a feel for it from feedback.
  • Slayer deeds can now be applied to instruments! (Thanks Jambi)
  • Added a wandering healer to Cyclops Valley (Thanks Jambi)
  • Fixed an issue with Evil Mages (and Lords) dropping an appropriate level treasure map (Thanks Jambi)
  • Fixed an issue in Lord Blackthorn's Dungeon preventing monsters from being looted (Thanks again Jambi)
  • Updated the Cove city invasion by removing Dread Spider Nests. Will test whenever the players are ready.
  • Added Dark Steeds and Silver Steeds, which are mid-level tamable mounts of good and evil alignment. (Thanks LechKu)
  • Doubled the reward from the Smokey quest.
  • Lowered the prices on the doubloon vendor considerably
  • Lowered the drop rate of paragon chests from 40% to 30%
  • Fixed an issue with the reward for Wraith contract deeds being too high. (Don't remember who told me this, sorry)
  • Updated MageAI to replace invisibility with greater heal. Let's see if this fixes that annoying pet invis thing. 
  • Added slayer removal deeds to the variety vendor. Click the deed and cycle through to remove the first, second, or both slayers.
  • Started working on an update to Paragons that I think will help them be more worth while. More to come

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Forum » News » Updates
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