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1st Jul 2017

Alright updates are coming a day early since I'm spent. I've worked super hard all week to get as much done as possible while on vacation from work. It's been a blast and I accomplished more than I set out to, but there's always more on the to do list. Gotta save something for next week though, so here are this week's update notes:

  • Scrolls of Transcendence can now be turned into the powerscroll exchange barrel for 1 powerscroll token (same as 105 ps)
  • Durability now shows on weapons and armor
  • Instruments now show their remaining uses (sent as a message in lower left corner)
  • Mechanical Spiders in BTF will no longer cuss at you in Portuguese (jk, it was saying it caught you in it's web or something)
  • Increased the drop rate of rares in BTF
  • Removed a couple of large gold sink items
  • Added a few new gold sink items
  • Reduced the cost of many donation coin items
  • Doubled the chance of getting a slayer deed when turning in a monster contract
  • Reduced the poison radius of toxic sliths from 25 to 10
  • Created and added all of the 4th of July holiday content
  • Completed our new 2-3 man dungeon: Forgotten Pass. Pending testing before release.
  • Drafted a newsletter to be sent out to all registered users of the website
  • Oilcloth is now stackable
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Forum » News » Updates
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