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9th Jul 2017

We had a great holiday week. Hopefully everyone got what they wanted from the gypsy vendors cause they've since moved on. I was also very happy with the success of the Forgotten Pass beta test. Here are my updates for the week:

  • Champ spawns will no longer spawn paragons. 
  • Powerscroll level chances were increased by 2% across the board
  • Powerscroll exchange rates for 105s were increased from 1 pt to 2 pts.
  • Creatures of Flame will no longer drop holiday coins
  • Sea hydra's loot table was reduced
  • Skill required for some blacksmithing craftables was reduced
  • Beetles now have a 10% chance to spawn in one of 8 custom colors
  • Added magic rug tiles to house deco vendor
  • Added house teleporter tiles to house deco vendor (you can even teleport between houses!)
  • Updated monster contract book gump so that the buttons will appear on the left side
  • Added monster contract book cover deed to the variety vendor
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Forum » News » Updates
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