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30th Jul 2017

Not a lot of bullets this time, but a lot of work nonetheless. The new player quest alone contains 65 individual scripts.

  • Players will no longer be able to meditate in any armor other than leather.
  • Fixed an issue with sigils appearing through the roof at the ShadowLords base.
  • Created a new player quest which will have players explore our shard looking for specific landmarks. The first leg of the quest asks them to explore Britain, where there will be 6 landmarks. Landmark stones can be double clicked by anyone to read a little about the landmark. Once they turn that in, they'll be asked to find 6 more landmarks in various towns around the world. After completing both legs of the quest, they will receive one of three quest rewards tailored to their chosen profession.

A note about the new player quest:
All players are welcome to perform the quest. I will not be able to set it up until tomorrow, probably in the evening. It can only be completed once per account. That means that even if a player completes the quest with both accounts, they cannot receive all 3 quest rewards. So choose wisely. 
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31st Jul 2017


Also....i am going to suffer an empty void by not being able to receive all 3 rewards!!!!! Im going to have to delete one of my accts after completing it!
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