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9th Sep 2017

It's been a dry two weeks, but it couldn't be helped and it was well worth it. Stability has definitely improved and as I return back to work next week I'm feeling confident in our ability to stay online. We also now have a repository set up so that development can happen more efficiently and at an even quicker pace than before. All thanks to Ravenwolfe, our newest developer, who is responsible for most of what you see below:

  • Slayer spellbooks will now provide the appropriate damage bonus
  • Ethereal storms in Forgotten Pass will now despawn no longer than 10 minutes after they have spawned
  • Created a single use soul stone which will be added to the gold vendors
  • Mages who have poisoning skill will now get a bonus to the strength of their poison and poison field spells. The bonus will scale based on their magery and poisoning skills, as well as their proximity to the target
  • Mages who have inscription skill will now receive a bonus to damage when casting direct damage spells.
  • Runebooks are now craftable with between 17-20 charges
  • Added the Pen of Wisdom which allows the user to copy an existing marked runebook to create a new marked runebook (with the benefit of the additional charges noted above). Available on the gold sink vendor with 10 charges
  • A new auctioneer will be added to WBB which will not only allow players to auction of their goods to other players, but will also auction 50 small BODs every 3 days to the highest bidder! Starting prices are based on the requirements. ¬†Large BODs to be added at a future date
  • Created "The Path Of Virtue" repeatable quest chain. This chain starts in the Minoc gypsy camp and will require enormous effort and sacrifice in order to obtain bracelets which will provide the wearer with +5, +10, and +20 stat bonuses of their choosing as they progress through the chain. The bracelet is blessed and must be turned in each time to achieve the next level bracelet
  • Players will now be able to quickly loot their corpses and have their belongings return to their original slots or backpack locations
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9th Sep 2017

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10th Sep 2017

I ike the items staying in original slots when dying... I was going to recoomend that never got around to it and copying full runebooks sounds awesome

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