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16th Sep 2017

A lot of new names lately, which is always great to see. Keep those votes coming guys! In addition in case you missed it, check out this write up on www.gamerselixer.com. Here are our updates for the week:

  • Updated weights for two reported stealables which were too heavy to steal. (not naming them sorry)
  • Significantly boosted drop rates for BTF and FP main bosses. Despite popular belief, X1 N30 HP is intended to be the main boss of BTF and has a chance to drop a statue as well as a Charger Of The Fallen ethereal mount.
  • Scout Spyglasses will no longer spawn monsters in invalid terrain.
  • Increased the chances of receiving a slayer deed for turning in a monster contract from 10% to 15%
  • Increased success chance of mining sand from 9% to 15% at GM. Sand mining books can be purchased at the Alchemists Shop.
  • Launched temporary test center in order for players to be able to test out the new spell damaging magic weapons found in loot or in chests. In case you missed it, the ip address is port 2593. We used a recent save file so your characters will be available. After discussion we have decided to leave the test center open for another week and continue testing before we publish magic weapons to the production server. So please be sure to visit the test server and try them out for yourself. Please leave your feedback in the original thread.
  • Began working on holiday content for next month. 
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17th Sep 2017

Forum » News » Updates
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