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23rd Sep 2017

Want to say thank you to all who participated in today's photo event. Great turn out! We have a lot in the works right now, including the biggest holiday content rollout to date! However Ravenwolfe is currently traveling for the next two weeks so I'll get done what I can while he's away. Here's what we did this week:

  • Scaled chance for summoned creatures to be dispelled. Lesser creatures will now have a lower chance to dispel summoned creatures.
  • Weapons with spell damage procs (excluding bows) will now drop in the loot table at a rate of 3%, 150 durability, and cannot be repaired. 
  • Characters with GM Item ID are now able to identify all items within a container.
  • Reduced the hit points on the Anhk Shield as it was unintentionally high. I might have been high, I don't remember...
  • Created a Wiki Tutorial Page per request to assist players with creating content for their wiki. Please remember that the wiki is intended to be written by the players, for the players. It's a great way to contribute to the community!
  • Created a Lore Page on the wiki and added a backstory for the Atlantis dungeon. I will continue writing lore over time. Players are allowed to create their own lore pages and add them to this page, but do not edit official UO Phoenix lore for any reason.
  • Increased the drop rate for quest items in BTF
  • Swapped out Hair Restyle Deed for an Ethereal Heater Shield as a possible prize in the Special Prize Hunt event.
  • Created a Milvannia Manor Gate Deed which will begin dropping on the global loot table Oct 1st, will continue to drop all month long, and can be used any time throughout the year. 
  • Created two custom bosses for the upcoming Milvannia Manor haunted house group dungeon. I will add more details in the custom creatures forum once I have had a chance to test/tweak these bad boys, including the loot they can drop. These mobs will drop something, but it's a chosen from a random list to make it more repeatable.
  • Created a tamable mount requiring 115.1 minimum taming skill which will only spawn in Milvannia Manor during the month of October. Again details will be provided in the custom creatures forum shortly.
  • Finalized plans with the gypsies on items they will sell during Halloween week. See the announcements section for holiday scheduling.
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Forum » News » Updates
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