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30th Sep 2017

As we head into my favorite month there's a lot to look forward to. Our new group dungeon tickets will begin to drop on Oct 1st and will continue to drop all month long. The dungeon itself will technically be available year round, providing you have a ticket. I want to say a special thanks to Milva from ServUO who spent a lot of time building the mansion and for whom which the dungeon is named after. She did an amazing job!

I'll also begin doing some deco work around the towns, and the gypsies should be arriving soon, but bear in mind that the official holiday week is Oct 28th through Nov 4th, so some content may not be available until then, including holiday gifts. Honestly at the moment I can't think of anything that won't be available besides that, but just so it's said I guess. Here are my updates for the week:

  • All Special Prize Event items are now blessed
  • Fixed a bug with Path of Virtue quest vials where some evil creatures were not being accepted
  • Made all Path of Virtue quest vials blessed (should you own an unblessed vial, just let me know and I'll fix it)
  • Updated fishing so that fishing up MiBs will produce more pre-chest sea junk items
  • Posted all Milvannia Manor special creatures to forums
  • Updated drop rates on select global loot drop items and added MMGateDeed and Obsidian (collector quest object that makes random statues)
  • Purchased two new advertising spots thanks to the generous donations of our players so that we might attract new players and continue to grow. Looking into a third advertising opportunity soon. Thank you very much to all of you who have donated, whether it be with cash donations or time spent with things like updating the wiki, spreading word of mouth advertising or even voting daily. It's all important and your contributions are extremely appreciated!
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1st Oct 2017

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6th Oct 2017

Forum » News » Updates
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