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7th Oct 2017

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday content so far. There's plenty more to come for the month of October. In addition to themed content I have the following updates for this week:

  • The evo-bio pet system is now complete and will be undergoing a week or two worth of beta testing before release. Since this is a new system built and designed for you, our players, I ask that you remain patient while we ensure the best quality system we can provide.
  • Monster Contracts will now allow players to claim any corpse they are permitted to loot (i.e. while partied, while barding, etc).
  • Monster Contract rewards have been scaled down by 20%
  • Monster Contracts should no longer allow the player to claim more corpses than is required by the contract.
  • The chance to anger while taming has been reduced and the chance for creatures to break from peacemaking has been reduced to EA standards. Thank you for the bug report on this one Elwood.
  • Corrected a number of locations in the t-map location book (donation item) that were incorrect by individually verifying all 200 locations.
  • Removed Ogre Lords from the Path of Virtue quest as they were wrongfully listed as an evil creature. They're just misunderstood.
  • Parcels and letters sent via the mail system will now display the name of the Sender and Receiver.
  • NPC Blacksmiths will now buy and sell warforks.
  • Created a new sex & name change token which will be available on the donation reward vendor (per request). Using this token will instantaneously change the user's sex and offer a chance to change their name, although that is not required. Men with beards will lose their facial hair upon sex change.
  • Created two new companions which will only be available for Halloween, so collect them while you can!
  • Added a server time clock to the home decor vendor that, when double clicked, displays the date and current server time (Phoenix local time). 
  • Created an Identification Crystal which will allow the user to charge the crystal with up to 500 ID wand charges (destroying the wand). 
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7th Oct 2017

First!!!! Get rekt!
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8th Oct 2017

Second and thanks for the bugfix!
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8th Oct 2017

Hey everyone I wanted to post that Monster Contracts got a HUGE boost! Then menu is easier to read and a lot more functional! Now you can use just a single "apply" button and it'll auto fill the correct deed! Plus when it's full- it automatically turns in for you!

Bravo Phoenix staff!
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8th Oct 2017
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