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22nd Oct 2017

Some great edits this week, many in response to your feedback and requests for changes or additions to content. So keep that coming and know that I do appreciate it and consider it all very carefully. We've been working super hard on the evo system which I believe is coming very soon, and there's so much more on the horizon I'm excited about. Keep voting and enjoying yourself, and thank you for being a part of this great community.

  • Boats are now craftable items and can no longer be purchased from NPCs. Shipwrights will now sell boat mallets which are used to create a boat project. Once a boat project is started in the tool it cannot be changed and the materials cannot be recovered. 
  • Sails are now craftable by tailors
  • Rope is now craftable by tailors (looking for suggestions for what else this component can be used to make)
  • Boat anchors are now craftable by blacksmiths
  • The drop rate for spell damage weapons has increased
  • Holiday coins drop on all undead for the remainder of the month
  • The town invasion system has been updated. Now when monsters attack a town they will arrive via gate portal in strategic locations and fan out from there. This change not only looks cooler but will prevent monsters from spawning in unreachable locations and make more cities usable for the event.
  • Sea horses have been removed globally
  • Sea spawn has been reduced globally
  • Players will no longer get stuck inside Milvannia Manor in the event that the entire group wipes
  • Players can now receive a bulk order deed as soon as one is turned in, instead of having to wait for the full 3 hours between BODs
  • Lowered the chance for monsters to detect hidden players
  • Lowered the chance for monsters to dispel summoned pets
  • Greater dragons are no longer tamable (in anticipation of evos)
  • Decreased the rate at which magic armor will drop to help make higher end magic armor more rare and thus crafted armor more competitive
  • Created the Halloween Gift Bag which will be distributed this weekend. Each bag contains some festive edibles and one of three bone furniture pieces (random)
  • Pet leashes and other shrink items have been removed from the gold sink vendor ahead of the pending update to that system.
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