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11th Nov 2017

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I know folks will be busy with their holiday plans but I hope you'll find time to enjoy some of the Thanksgiving themed content this month. 

  • Fixed an issue where Ratmen Archers were receiving spell parrying bonus.
  • Added a couple of new global loot drop items.
  • Created earring slot masks which can be purchased with donation coins and worn with any hat.
  • Dragons and Greater Dragons now have a small chance to drop a dragon head wall trophy.
  • Enabled veteran rewards for accounts greater than 365 days old.
  • Created Thanksgiving content, including special buyables, holiday gift items, and a quest to obtain holiday coins.
  • The raging phoenix will now produce the correct resources when the corpse is cut (i.e. feathers, bird meat, no hides)
  • Fixed an issue with the 2nd tier Path of Virtue vial of souls.
  • Added additional ethereal mount to the donation vendor.

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11th Nov 2017

First! Suck it again Hibbi!!
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14th Nov 2017

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