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18th Nov 2017

As mentioned in discord earlier this week, I expect a slow down of major updates for the next couple of weeks. Ravenwolfe and I are both traveling for work and the holidays. The list is short this week, but rest assured I have read all of the recent feedback and responded where I could. We both understand the priorities and we will begin addressing them as soon as we can. I'd like to ask that you remain as patient as you have been thus far. In the meantime I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and liked their holiday gifts.

  • Runic tools will now display their remaining uses
  • Exceptionally crafted weapons will now display their maker's mark
  • Players may now cross heal from up to 3 tiles away using bandages. This does not affect vet (still considering it)
  • Reduced the perception range of all mobs. This is in response to the perception that casters "mana dump" upon aggro. Bear in mind that if multiple casters target you at the same time, they're not exactly going to take turns. So the idea here is to reduce the chance that you will aggro multiple monsters at once unless they are standing very close to one another or you run directly within their shortened perception range. This is a first step and we'll see how it goes.
  • The cost of bulk bolts has been reduced to match that of arrows.
  • Reduced spawn outside of shame, inside of deceit, and throughout shame 4 

Please Note: I have decided to take next week off from development and I have encouraged Ravenwolfe to do the same so he can be with his family. So there will be no new updates next week.

Appended 11/20/17

  • Removed skill loss penalty from death when short term murder count is < 5.
  • Evo pets should no longer lose skill points upon death.
  • Increased the range for bards
  • Increased the range from which bards can move before breaking the provocation effect
  • Lowered overall difficulty for all bard skills
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18th Nov 2017

Thank you both for continuously listening to us piss and moan and then cater to us. It's appreciated. Have a happy turkey day.
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18th Nov 2017

Thank you Abracadabra and Ravenwolfe for your great attributes and developing and to all the others for suggesting and trying to make the game better.
Have a great holidays!

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19th Nov 2017

Thanks for the updates. Have a good Holiday.
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