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5th Nov 2017

Not a lot of updates this time. Our main focus has been to ensure that the evo project is solid and that all the bugs that have crept up get squashed asap. I do have a couple of other projects that are part way finished but just didn't get them done in time for tonight, so here's what I've got:

*Updated with a couple last minute items

  • Evo Pets will now gain exp whenever they are attacking an enemy (rather than when being attacked)
  • The stat bug which made some pets not gain in stats or in some cases even lose stats has been fixed. Unfortunately this requires a manual adjustment by Ravenwolfe to reset any current pets to normal. Please contact him if you have not already had this adjustment made.
  • Made minor adjustments to the drop rates on creatures in BTF, including increasing the drop rate of the Charger of the Fallen on the boss.
  • Started working on Thanksgiving content
  • Excluded savages from being sampled for DNA
  • Added pet brush to gold sink variety vendor.
  • Bonded pets will now automatically log out with the player
  • Fixed a rounding error on vials of souls (quest item)
  • Shrunk pet deeds will now display some basic stat information. Unfortunately this is the best we can do given the limited space. Additional information will need to be supplied by the seller on the vendor.
  • Created bulk commodity deeds which will be sold on a special gold sink vendor at 3x the NPC vendor rate
  • Added crafter's name to spellbooks
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5th Nov 2017

First!!! Suck it Hibbi!
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5th Nov 2017

HOW THA!!!!????...........good updates though!
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