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10th Dec 2017

Happy holidays everyone. I was up way past my bedtime last night working on some scripts but still didn't quite get them finished. So I thought I'd post what I have nailed down now and look for this to be amended shortly.

  • Holiday coins are now dropping at a rate of 20% on all winter weather creatures (Ice dungeon and surrounding area). Amounts vary per creature.
  • Fixed an issue reported with poison immunity not working as intended.
  • Fixed and replaced all scented candles (again)
  • Opened gypsy vendor in Moonglow with holiday themed items
  • Decorated banks globally (actually we had a special guest GM do that, so big thanks to Chopper Dave for the assist)
  • Added over 60 new town house locations globally. These town houses now charge 16gp per lockdown (18gp for "premium" locations such as Britain). As a result those who had town homes before this will see an increase in rent.
  • Created two new loot crates which can be read about here and discussed in the forums.

So probably a couple more things to come before the day is through, which will be posted below.

  • Rewrote and reorganized the Path of Virtue quest. All elements from before are the same, just in a different order. 
  • Spawned Medusa at the bottom of Wrong.
  • Created escortable elves and Santa for holiday content. These custom escortables will be located in Ice dungeon and pay holiday coins when delivered.
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