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15th Dec 2017

Updates are being posted a bit early this week since I'll be out of pocket this weekend. Got some good things delivered this week and lots more to come as always. Really excited to move to the new host soon and hopefully resolve some of the instability we've seen. I'm also really anxious to hear back from everyone regarding the new client. Please check the announcements page for details on that and please take some time to check it out. More eyes the better.

  • Created Dungeon Deed storage book which will be available on the gold sink vendor. This book stores your FP and BTF dungeon tickets, as well as tickets for any future dungeons that get created.
  • BOD books will now count as only 1 item.
  • Small BODs now allow the user to combine all like items within your backpack at once.
  • ID Crystals now automatically display the value of the identified item.
  • Distributed holiday gifts.
  • Created holiday themed loot crate available on gold sink for a limited time only. This loot crate provides a pretty decent chance and obtaining an additional holiday item, including those only available from the holiday gift deed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Bracelet of Tonicity not giving the proper stat bonus.
  • Created house refreshing butler - undergoing testing right now. Should be available soon.

The house refreshing butler is one of four personal attendees one can choose from when purchasing a Personal Attendant Token. This website lists what the personal attendees do, except we've taken out the guide and replaced it with the custom butler. You can pay your butler with either gold or a bank check and the fee charged will be based on total available lockdowns (lockdowns + secures) for the structure. The price per lockdown (as of the time of this post) is TBD and will be announced after testing is completed.
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15th Dec 2017

Forum » News » Updates
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