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22nd Jan 2017

A few smaller things went in this weekend as I focus on creating some new content for Valentine's day. Also working on some bigger issues but have hit a few walls, so maybe I'll make some breakthroughs here shortly. I'll see what else I can post before the end of the day.

  • Potions are now stackable.
  • Recall from a runebook now requires 0 magery.
  • Shrink items have been fixed to automatically set the pet's loyalty to max at the time of shrink. This means it should take a lot longer for pets to go wild while shrunk, but it will still happen. I don't have data on just how long it would take, so please be careful and don't neglect your pets. I will not replace a lost pet. Also please be cautious when purchasing shrunken pets from players. Caveat emptor. The price of the pet leash has gone up substantially. However, you are now able to purchase single use shrink potions individually or in bulk (for a small discount). 
  • Added Trident of Poseidon (3% drop) to Poseidon.
  • Fixed issue with runic hammer not giving proper properties.
  • Added several new low odds global loot drops.
  • Added a couple of special low odds loot drops to specific low end monsters. Should be a nice surprise.
  • Added several Valentine's Day items in advance of the holiday.
  • Fixed an issue with metallic dye tubs not showing the proper name. (These are not available yet)
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22nd Jan 2017

Garam the swordsman thanks you. *grabs the closest young lass and swings her around and around as he shouts for joy*

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