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23rd Dec 2017

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and enjoys spending time with their families and loved ones. 

  • Created house refreshing butler which is part of the attendant token being released at the same time. Players will be able to choose one of 4 personal attendant (House Butler, Herald, Lucky Dealer, and Fortune Teller) from the attendant token available on the gold sink vendor. For more information on what these attendant do, please visit this page. The guide has been replaced by the butler in this example. The butler is a custom attendant developed exclusively for UO Phoenix and can be paid to watch after a player's house and keep it refreshed for as long as it is funded. The butler charges 16 gp per lockdown per week. You must drop either gold or a bank check to the butler to fund him and you can double click the butler to see how much he is charging and how many funds he has left.
  • Created basic evo skin deed which includes nearly 200 different choices of skins currently available in the game. 
  • Created premium skin deeds which feature special skins not otherwise available as a choice of dna selection. Skin deeds will be available on a special vendor near wbb.
  • On Christmas Day gold drops will be doubled on all monsters.

Note: I made my best attempt to test each individual skin to ensure that it is matched with the correct body and sound IDs, however if you experience a problem please make note of which skin was selected and PM me so I can make the correction.
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