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2nd Dec 2017

Well we've had some great discussions in the last couple of weeks, so thank you for that. You've definitely given me some great feedback and direction on where you'd like to see things go. A lot of those ideas are pretty big, so it may take some time to get them all put in, and maybe more to really see the effect. As for tonight, I have a partial list of updates to share with you, and I expect there to be a few more by tomorrow that I just couldn't quite finish yet. But I wanted to at least make you aware of what is done for now.

  • Areas formally faction strong holds are now accessible by everyone.
  • Made a number of changes to spawn based on suggestions from Super Hamster. You can see these changes here.
  • The rate at which weapons and armor are damaged has been reduced.
  • Upcoming holiday content has been created, including gypsy buyables and gift items.
  • Winnowing Basket (paragon random loot) will now display the correct image.
  • The drop rate for the Lost Viking Quest items have been reduced slightly.
  • Suspended The Path of Virtue quest temporarily, pending major rework.
  • The pottery kiln item has been replaced with a house friendly model (elven oven). Players will no longer need to first craft an unfinished item before firing the item in the kiln. Instead players will need to stand near the kiln when crafting clay items.
  • Updated the Old Gypsy (newbie) quest to make it more clear that the now HMS Era Accuracy is a ship wreckage.
  • Updated the Scented Candle by serializing the variables so that it will hold it's charges. All current candles will be systematically wiped and replaced.
  • New pet leashes will now be blessed. The price of a regular pet leash will be increased to 150k (200 charges), and strong pet leashes will be available for 300k (500 charges). As for current pet leashes, I may be able to update the version within the code and bless those too, but I won't know until tomorrow at the earliest. 
If there are any more updates I will post an amendment tomorrow. Also as a reminder I have responded to all of the posts on the forums and in those posts I may have posed some questions or solicited feedback, so don't forget to continue the conversations.

Additional Updates:

  • Added bonus durability to crafted armor and weapons based on Arms Lore skill level.
  • Modified directional damage system. Players will no longer fumble their weapons. Instead they will have a chance for a precision strike based on their tactics skill. The amount of skill added is based on the relative direction to the target.
  • Barracoon will now only drop 105 and 110 powerscrolls.
  • Reduced the frequency in which magical creatures will cast flamestrike and added a 1 second delay between all casts.
  • Player's poison immunity chance is now scaled base on their level of Magic Resist and Anatomy skill (instead of requiring 100 skill to receive the effect).
  • 2 handed Spears now have a chance to parry spell damage based on the player's arms lore skill.
  • Staves and Polearms (bardiches and halberds) now have a chance to do more damage based on the player's arms lore skill.
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25th Dec 2017

Farst!!! Merry Christmas all!
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