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29th Jan 2017

I want to say thanks to all the guys on discord who helped come up with the idea for the addition to Forensic Evaluation this week. I enjoyed the challenge and I think it's a neat way to make the skill useful again.

  • Added tables with runners to the gold vendor in Britain
  • Added two new dye tubs to the doubloon vendor in Buccaneers Den
  • Added a monster contract dealer. Players will be able to get a new contract every 3 hours. I've greatly expanded the range of monsters available for contract from the public version.
  • Black Jungle Ants will now have a chance to drop doubloons.
  • Created a small bridge to add over the small creek near the entrance to Despise to allow players and creatures to cross.
  • Added a couple more small items to the global loot system.
  • Added a power scroll book which will be available on the gold vendor and allow players to store and sell power scrolls from their vendors.
  • Added an economy control system to allow me to reduce or increase the amount of gold on creatures at will. (*grins*)
  • Created an addition to Forensic Evaluation; murder investigations. Players will be able to use Forensic Eval on "An unidentified corpse" (bones) to spawn the murderer, which is one of ten random creatures for that level off murder investigation. If the crime has already been solved, players will receive a message indicating who solved the crime. If the crime is too difficult for the player to solve, the player will receive a message indicating they cannot determine anything useful. These murder victims will be set on spawners inside dungeons much like treasure chests. Players will be invited to test this new system all next week at Jessup's farm outside of Skara Brae. 
Forum » News » Updates
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