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31st Jan 2017

We've all been through a lot in the last 24 hours. A lot of good discussion has been had, with valid points on both sides. As of 10pm EST this evening, the community has voted to push forward with the current server state, rather than wipe the server clean. I admire this decision, because I feel like it was the harder one to make. It shows compassion for your fellow players and a willingness to overcome this challenge and rebuild. I'm proud of you all for that. 

For my part, I can't really apologize enough. What I can say is that this will never happen again. As I've mentioned, I will redouble my efforts (literally) to ensure continuity by double backing up the server, both on my own PC and in the cloud daily. A reminder has already been set in my calendar and on my phone for this. Beyond that, here's what I'm doing to help:

  • Delivered all donation coins due since around the time of revert. 
  • Added the monster contract dealer to WBB
  • Added a new donation wearable (Kasa)
  • Redestributed server launch gift bags to all active accounts.
  • Scheduled Friday off from work so I can spend more time focusing on you all.
  • Deactivated the Grove to ensure no one gets stuck in there again until I've had time to work on that.
  • Fixed the teleporter leading to the Star Room from Terathan Keep

Here's what I'm planning on doing soon:

  • A 700 skill ball will be distributed to all active accounts
  • Between 2/4/17 and 2/11/17 all gold drops will be increased to 150%
  • Putting together a surprise gift bag to distribute to all active accounts on 2/5/2017. Contents TBD
  • Working like hell to rebuild the Valentine's Day content I had planned so we can stay on schedule.
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