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12th Feb 2017

Happy valentine's day everyone. Bromance is in the air for sure. I've placed a table setting near West Britain Bank in case any of you care to enjoy a romantic meal near the moat. Here's what else I've been up to:

  • For this week only, a pink hued beetle called "a love bug" may spawn in place of the regular beetle.
  • Corrected the drop rates in all Mystic Sextant quests creatures. It is now a flat 10% drop rate.
  • The command [OrganizeMe will now ignore newbied items.
  • Added 6 regular champ spawns to T2A in traditional locations (see Champion Spawn Locations thread for details).
  • Removed the up armored champ spawns from all dungeons. *Hands Caleb a tissue*
  • The stuck menu will now transport a player to a Felucca town no matter what facet they are in.
  • Added some content for our upcoming Valentine's day event next Saturday
  • Resource Box will be added to the gold sink vendor (Monday). This container can hold all of your raw materials such as leather, boards, reagents, etc. Added in our custom resources (such as Carbon, Limestone, etc) as well under Misc.
  • Added wandering healer spawns all over T2A. If you find yourself dead in that land, search the nearest road for a healer.
  • Cyclops and Titans have returned to Cyclops Valley in T2A. 
  • Added a scavenger hunt event that I'm looking forward to trying out soon.
  • Gold levels have now returned to normal.
  • Bone Demons now drop level 5 treasure maps.
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12th Feb 2017

First! Again
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