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4th Mar 2017

  • Added a powerscroll exchange system located at West Britain Bank
  • Reorganized the gold vendor into two separate vendors. One contains decorative items, and the other is variety. 
  • Added Omega The Brave bust by request. 
  • All daemons have a small chance to drop a new rare exclusive to daemons.
  • Enabled paragons for creatures up to 30,000 fame. This means you should expect paragon Balrons, Ancient Wyrms, etc. 
  • Added minor artifacts to level 6 chests. (hence the paragons)
  • Added directional damage procs. Melee now has a chance for up to 2x dmg for a well aimed back stab, but also have a small chance to have a weak hit. Increased damage procs can occur from any direction, but only well aimed and poorly aimed hits will provide a message. (To avoid spam) Started off at a somewhat low rate, may increase that but better to start low.
  • Faction PVP is now enabled everywhere.
  • Updated the auto restart time to one hour later to more closely coincide with the time I typically wake up in the mornings. This will help reduce the amount of down time in the event I goof up (like adding the same file twice, oops)
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5th Mar 2017

First!! Looking good Abra.
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