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2nd Apr 2017

This week's updates focused on the new group dungeon, which will be opening for testing very soon (next few days). It's nearly impossible for me to really know how this is going to go, and whether it'll be too easy or too hard. So please remain patient as we dial in the right level of mechanics for our first group dungeon. Specifics regarding creatures mentioned below can be found in the  Custom Creatures forum.

  • Added Juggernaut Assault Mech
  • Added Mechanized Scorpion
  • Added Mechanized Spider
  • Added Mechanized Steed (tamable)
  • Added Minion type z
  • Added Overseer Lord
  • Added The Foreman (mini-boss)
  • Added X1 N30 HP (boss)
  • Created monster statuettes: Juggernaut Assault Mech, Overseer Lord, Mechanized Spider, Mechanized Scorpion
  • Created Foreman's Cloak (special hue)
  • Created new weapons/shields: Juggernaut Back Plate, Juggernaut Hubcap, Mechanized Scorpion Leg, Mechanized Scorpion Right Pincer, Spider Leg Flute(random slayer, 300 uses)
  • Created decorative drops: Tom's Lunch Bag, Timing Belts
  • Completed decorating Blackthorn's Factory
  • Completed spawning Blackthorn's Factory
Forum » News » Updates
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