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10th Apr 2017

Continued to make modifications to our first group dungeon based on feedback from players testing the dungeon. 

  • Took server down for approx 1 hr to attempt to fix the gem amount bug, but no luck. Will try again soon.
  • Scaled back Overseer Lord poison range
  • Scaled back Mech Steed blast damage
  • Scaled back loot tables due to overweight issues
  • Changed Mech Steed drop from Hooded Shroud of Shadows to Conjurer's Rags (Kysake creation) because Shroud is blessed and wouldn't have dropped (duh)
  • Scaled back hit points on all BTF mobs except Scorpions and Spiders
  • Added vending machine (vendor stone) in break room to allow players to purchase arrows, bolts, bandages, and reagents at a premium
  • Created new starting point room for BTF
  • Created supply bags for vending machine
  • Added BTF group dungeon scroll on the global loot system
Forum » News » Updates
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