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23rd Apr 2017

Held off on developing this week, as I'll be away next week and didn't want to introduce something new and have it possibly break while I'm away. So for now, just a few minor fixes:

  • Updated Lumberjacking to remove special wood types. These really have no special purpose and are just more to manage.
  • Updated Carpentry and Bowfletching to remove the options for these other wood types. Maybe I'll reintroduce them later.
  • Updated gate travel to allow young players to use gates.
  • Set out some traps at farms around Britannia to exterminate the vorpal bunnies until next season.
  • Cleaned up some foul smelling colored eggs left behind by those nasty creatures.
  • Created the Phoenix Plaza vendor mall, located just behind West Britain Bank. Players can use contracts of employment to set up a vendor with no rental fee. All I ask is that you maintain your vendor to keep it fully stocked. Space is limited so please be courteous to your fellow players and don't hog too many spots. As the manager of this vendor mall I reserve the right to remove unused vendors. I'll come up with some guidelines and best practices when I return. 
Forum » News » Updates
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