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27th May 2017

This week we'll be experimenting with a different town invasion system which replaces the old system. It's been a lot of work just getting Cove right, which is a small area, so this will likely take several weeks to really complete. In the meantime I'm open to feedback. Featured in this town invasion system is the introduction of killable nests. If you are not familiar with these, there will be nests spawned along with other monsters which continuously spawn a creature until the nest is killed. Once the nest is defeated, all creatures associated with that nest also die, and a reward can be collected. Thought it might be a nice addition.

  • Pilot run of the new invasion system: Cove
  • Introduction of killable nests as described above
  • Fixed an issue with Minion Prototype giving negative karma
  • Added small chance to receive a slayer deed as an additional reward to monster contracts
  • Removed slayer deeds from global loot system
  • Created a new wiki for the community to build and use
  • Announced a wiki contest with prizes
Forum » News » Updates
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