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So good news, I have decided on a location for our 2-3 player dungeon. I've also started creating the creatures and loot for them. So a lot of progress but nothing ready just yet. In the meantime we have a couple of contributions from one of our new staff members, Morgan. Our other new staff member, Shadowbane, will be working on special loot for the new dungeon. Please welcome them both when you get a chance. Here's what's new:

  • Companions - There will be 5 new companions added to the variety vendor. These companions are non-combat vanity pets which do not take up any pet slots and are just fun to have around. More will be added for sale soon, with others available as rare drops or holiday items. Collect them all!
  • Stat orbs - These orbs regenerate a certain stat (Mana, Hits, Stam) every 2 seconds for 30 seconds. They have 50 charges (5 minutes between charges) and cannot be recharged. I will most likely add these as rare drops in our new dungeon. They take the talisman slot.

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