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Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse for disobeying them. Players are encouraged to read and reference these rules frequently. UO Phoenix reserves the right to alter or edit these rules as they see fit at any time with or without notice. These are the terms of my service to you, and I ask that you respect them. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who chooses to ignore these rules.

Last Edited 7/12/2017

Account Related Rules:
  • Players may have two (2) game accounts per IP/Household (1).
  • Sharing accounts is prohibited. Do not give your account information to any other player for any reason. 

Multi-Clienting Rules
  • Multi-clienting is generally permitted and is defined as having more than one account logged into UO Phoenix at a given time and switching windows to play only one character actively at a given time.
  • Multi-clienting while enaged in PVP is prohibited.
  • Duel-clienting is prohibited and is defined as controlling more than one (1) accounts at the same time.

Gameplay Rules
  • AFK macroing is generally permitted with the exception of resource gathering, using the Animal Taming skill, or training a pet.
  • Do not block NPCs, Monsters, or Pets in your homes for any reason.
  • Use of exploits such as terrain glitches or other types of glitches is considered cheating and is prohibited. 
  • Exploiting game mechanics to gain an unfair or unintended advantage is considered cheating and is prohibited.
  • Do not use items (movable or immovable) to block or trap players or ghosts anywhere for any reason. 
  • Scamming is prohibited and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • UO Phoenix does not condone racism. These situations will be handled on a case by case basis. Be respectful.
  • Intentional acts of griefing or harassment are prohibited. These situations will be reviewed on a case by case basis and dealt with accordingly. Simply put, play nice.
  • Releasing pet(s) with the intention of harming another player, directly or indirectly, is a form of griefing and will not be tolerated. GMs are able to identify the last owner of a pet and the Admin has the sole discretion of determining intent. 
  • Farming faction silver by repeatedly killing one of your characters with another one of your own characters in an opposing faction is considered an exploit. 
  • A player may not have two thieves in opposing factions. If you are found to break this rule, both accounts will be banned from faction participation.
  • Engaging in the practice of flipping faction control of cities for the purposes of farming silver is considered an exploit. 

Staff Related Rules
UO Phoenix staff are prohibited from the following:
  • Replacing or giving out items of any kind for any reason. This includes lost donation items. This does not include game sanctioned holiday or event items.
  • Advantaging players, including their own characters, by giving out items, gold, skills, or stats or by providing any action or service not readily available to any other player without staff intervention.
  • Teleportation or moving players characters, including their own player characters, anywhere other than to jail for any reason.
  • Staff must never harass, provoke, intimidate, or otherwise interact with a player in non-professional way.
  • Players are expected to follow staff direction at all times. In the event you disagree with a member of the staff, the dispute must be brought to Abracadabra for arbitration. Do not escalate the situation or make things worse. Try to remain respectful, we're all just here to have fun.

Miscellaneous Rules
  • Players are prohibited from selling items, accounts or gold for real life currency. 
  • Fan sites or other user-based sites may not be advertised or endorsed anywhere in game or on this website. 
  • DDOS attacks are unlawful and considered a direct attack on the UO Phoenix community and every single player and staff. Such attacks will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. 
  • Hacking UO Phoenix game accounts or website accounts is prohibited. Violations of this rule will be dealt with harshly.  
  • Use of third-party programs other than Razor, UOAM, or UOSteam are prohibited. No tree/Clean floor or other similar mods are not considered third-party programs and are thus permissible. 
  • Any attempt to bypass the server side restrictions (such as speed hacks) are prohibited and is paramount to hacking UO Phoenix assets.
  • Exploiting bugs is a bannable offense. On the other hand, reporting bugs in the appropriate forum board may be rewarded.

Version History:
11/21/17 - Added training pets to the list of activities not allowed while AFK.
11/18/17 - Added rule regarding disputes between staff and players.
10/31/17 - Added rules against utilizing exploits and glitches for the purposes of gaining unfair advantages.
10/27/17 - Clarified use of art mods such as no tree/clean floor do not constitute third-party programs.
7/26/17 - Added additional gameplay rules to prohibit the farming of faction silver through exploits.
7/12/17 - Elaborated on opening paragraph. Added clarifying language to Staff Related Rules section. Added Version History section.
6/11/17 - Enhanced GamePlay rules by specifically calling out the action of intentionally releasing pets with the intention to harm other players.
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Forum » Support » Terms of Service Locked
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