Bone Demon Lord (Milvannia Manor)
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29th Sep

Str: 1021 - 1140
Dex: 120 - 150
Int: 73 - 108
Hits: 5500 - 7500
Dmg: 20 - 30

Magic Resist: 105.1 - 120.0
Tactics: 95.1 - 110.0
Anatomy: 95.1 - 110.0
Wrestling: 95.1 - 110.0

Virtual Armor: 55

Special Abilities:
Stomps the floor, causing dust to stir in a 3 tile radius which causes damage to players. Preceded by speech and 3 second delay.

(Note: The visual effect intended for this mob was not working properly. I'll continue to work on this but in the meantime I added the speech and delay as a queue)

Bone Container (2)

One Random Of The Following:
Blood Stained Heater Shield
Blood Stained Robe
Blood Stained Skirt
Blood Stained Tunic
Blood Stained Bridal Dress
Executioner's Wraps (blood stained hooded robe)
Skulls on a Pike
Grim Warning

Forum » Discussions » Custom Creatures
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