Tamable Shadow Wyrm
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Tamable Shadow Wyrm

Control Slots: 3
Strength: 898 - 1030
Dexterity: 68 - 200
Intelligence: 488 - 620
Hit Points: 558 - 699
Damage: 24 - 30
Physical Resistance: 65 - 75
Fire Resistance: 50 - 60
Cold Resistance: 45 - 55
Energy Resistance: 20 - 30
Poison Resistance: 50 - 60
Eval Int: 80.1 - 100.0
Magery: 80.1 - 100.0
Meditation: 52.5 - 75.0
Magic Resist: 100.3 - 130.0
Tactics: 97.6 - 100.0
Wrestling: 97.6 - 100.0
Minimum Taming Required: 96.1

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For anyone who is curious, hitpoints for creatures are calculated like this:

(Hits * 100) / 60

So the minimum hit points a shadow wyrm can get is 930, and maximum is 1165.

I don't know why there is such an obscure weird formula, instead of just letting hits = hits, but whatever.

Strength plays no factor in how much health a creature has, so long as it has >1 "hits".

A 5000 strength creature with 60 "hits" would have 100 health.
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I'm new to the server and was wondering a few things.  1) where can i find this shadow wyrm and the poison dragon?  2) i tried to tame a drake north of delucia last night and it said "this creature cannot be tamed".  Now i managed to tame one in destard right after, but i was curious as to why that would happen.  3) the raging phoenix shows as 103.7 taming required, but i thought this server was pre AOS, which means pre power scrolls, so how are we supposed to tame these?

Thank you for your time and love the server so far.
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18th May 2017

Hi and welcome to the server. First you should understand that pre-aos refers to the expansion and typically refers to the way armor and weapon stats work. We are set to LBR expansion which is pre-aos. However I am not attempting to make a pure OSI replica (hence town houses, postal service, and powerscrolls, among other things).

Shadow Wyrms and Poisonous Dragons can be found on the third level of the Caverns, a custom dungeon. Ask around, I'm sure someone has a rune.

As for the Drake, my hunch is it'd been tamed too many times before and the skill required was just too high. That's why taming etiquette says to name your tames.

There are champ spawns in T2A as well as Navrey in Lord Blackthorn's Dungeon, another custom dungeon, which produce powerscrolls. There is also a powerscrolls exchange system at wbb.

So as you can see, there is a healthy mix of new and old, meant to bring back the nostalgia of the time while still keeping things fresh and fun. So I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it so far and I hope you'll stick around cause I'm always working on more content.

Be sure to join us on Discord. The other players are a wealth of information.
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